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Professional Fur Storage Services

As with any investment, it is very important to properly store your fur, shearling and leather garments annually to maintain their original softness, pliability, sheen and color. Professionally designed vaults are secure, temperature and humidity controlled and safe from vermin and insect infestation. Consider these advantages to storing with professional furriers versus storing in the average home.

  • Professionally built fur vaults limit exposure to UV light thus minimizing oxidation and color degradation
  • Humidity control is used to prevent evaporation of essential oils that keep skins soft and pliable
  • Temperature control maintains a uniform cool environment, reducing biodegradation reactions
  • Security is ensured with alarm and video recording systems
  • Exposure to infestation is eliminated through the use of a state of the art sanitation program

Unfortunately, your own home may be the worst place you could possibly store your fur, shearling, or leather product in the summer months. Improper fur storage, excessively high or low humidity levels, insects and lack of proper air circulation are all factors that can lead to the deterioration of your fur product.

Fur and leather should be stored around 50 degrees with no change in temperature over time. When you put your fur and leathers in a closet at your home, think of how much the temperature changes in your home on a daily basis. Fur vaults have consistent humidity and temperature levels that are perfect for prolonging the life of the garment.

Fur vaults like this can provide the utmost security and leave you with a peace of mind that your garments are taken care of.

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Providing professional fur storage, maintenance, repair and cleaning services nationwide. Our master furriers have over 250 years combined experience in the fur industry and can take your old fur garment and transform it in to something custom tailored just for you. Our experts will transform dowdy in to chic in no time, making your tired old fur look new again!

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