Fur Restyling

Professional Fur Restyling Services

Clothing changes styles yearly and outerwear is no different. Old fur garments can be transformed into current fashion forward styles. Master furriers with great vision can completely update old and tired furs. Small restyles are very common which includes updating the shoulder pads, "taking-in" the body or slimming the sleeves to get a better fit for the owner. Major restyles includes changing the style entirely to make one or two brand new garments which will last for decades.

Small adjustments like lowering or raising an arm hole or softening a shoulder can make a world of difference in the fit and comfort of your fur. Making your fur into a reversible garment with fabric adds versatility to your outerwear options.

The expertise of the furrier and team are critical to get the best design for the fur garment. It's important to think about what life style you live and how the garment can best suit your lifestyle.

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Providing professional fur storage, maintenance, repair and cleaning services nationwide. Our master furriers have over 250 years combined experience in the fur industry and can take your old fur garment and transform it in to something custom tailored just for you. Our experts will transform dowdy in to chic in no time, making your tired old fur look new again!

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