Fur Repairs

Professional Fur Repair Services

Despite all of your best care efforts, you may someday accidently tear or rip your fur garment. Even the smallest tear can turn in to a costly major problem if left untreated. Fortunately, master furriers and professional finishers are experts when it comes to fur, shearling, and leather garment repairs. They will do anything from the smallest tear to the replacement of complete sections of your garment in a timely and professional manner.

We also handle the revitalization of worn areas of fur garments. A minor tuck or shortening can usually remove minor wear from cuffs, pockets and hemlines. Be sure to have your fur thoroughly inspected and maintained annually.

Annual inspections can also help preserve the lining and closures of your fur product and prevent potentially costly repairs. A small seam opening in your lining could easily lead to a tear and the need for complete lining replacement. If you have a loose hook or ring closures, attend to them in a timely manner. By securing the closures properly you eliminate undue stress on the fur, reducing the possibility of tearing.

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Providing professional fur storage, maintenance, repair and cleaning services nationwide. Our master furriers have over 250 years combined experience in the fur industry and can take your old fur garment and transform it in to something custom tailored just for you. Our experts will transform dowdy in to chic in no time, making your tired old fur look new again!

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