Fur Cleaning

Professional Fur Cleaning Services

As with proper storage, it is equally important to regularly have your fur, shearling and leather garments cleaned to remove dirt, dust, salt, harsh winter solvents and any accidental spills and stains. Solvents, salt, dust, dirt and other destructive agents must be gently removed from your valuables. With normal wear, body oils will also accumulate on your garment and should be extracted. You will be amazed at the exquisite nature of your fur after a professional cleaning.

It is extremely important in order to revitalize the fur's sheen and luster to protect your investment. Professionally trained staff will be removing stains from linings, cleaning and replacing essential oils in the skins of the fur, glazing the fur garment, and should be followed by an inspection for any repairs needed.

One of comments we frequently hear is, "I don't need to clean my coat; I didn't even wear it this winter." We still recommend you clean at least every other year as part of the process replaces the essential oils lost to evaporation.

Below is a step by step description of the fur cleaning and glazing process.

- The garment is inspected for items left in pockets, repairs that might be needed and for stains or embedded substances

- The customer is notified for approval of any repairs or specialty cleaning recommended

- Fur garments are then exposed to a cleaning and glazing agent in a large specially designed slow tumbling machine

- Once cleaning is complete, garments are then placed in a vacuum tumbler to remove the majority of the cleaning agent

- The remainder of the cleaning agent is removed with compressed air

- A final inspection is made and the garment is either placed in storage or returned to the customer

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Providing professional fur storage, maintenance, repair and cleaning services nationwide. Our master furriers have over 250 years combined experience in the fur industry and can take your old fur garment and transform it in to something custom tailored just for you. Our experts will transform dowdy in to chic in no time, making your tired old fur look new again!

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